I write to thank you for getting my small project taken care of. The foreman and his crew did a great job (as usual) and they were polite and chipper through the whole thing. They are a credit to you and themselves.

The quality of the work was just what I was looking for. As you said when the original installation was done, “You won’t  even be able to tell we were here,” and that was exactly the case this time around.

I understand how hard it is to accommodate a small project like mine in a very busy time, which is why I appreciate the high quality of the work done so cheerfully. Thanks again for a job well done.


Robert S. Hatfield Jr., LightPoint Colocation & Hosting LLC

Dear Steve,

I look out my window each morning in awe of the transformation you made of our yard. No words can express adequately my gratefulness or appreciation. I wanted to thank the fine crew that worked also. They did an excellent job. They were very hard working and diligent. Even when it rained hard they continued their work so we could celebrate Christmas with a beautiful yard. Please commend them for their good work ethics.

I recommend you and them to everyone who will listen.

Wishing you a happy New Year,

Rosemary & Leroy Croll

We would like to recommend Steven McDill and his Innovative Landscaping company for their professionalism in doing our landscaping job. The quality of all phases of the project began with the opening bid and continued through each phase of the project until final completion.

We were impressed with the quality and conscientiousness of his hired help. They were always very courteous and cooperative in responding to our changes or alterations in the original plans. They left the job site clean and orderly at the conclusion of each work day.

Steven McDill was on top of each phase of the project, seeing that sprinkler system pipe and fittings, large decorative rocks, mulch, bark dust, trees, shrubs, and plants were of top quality and at the job site when needed. He was most cooperative and was there to see that the job was completed to our satisfaction.

I would definitely recommend him and his company for your landscaping needs.

Al Olson

Our family spent a great deal of time and energy with our landscape architect to carefully select a great landscape company to install our dream home landscaping. We relied heavily on word of mouth referrals and recommendations from builders and friends who not just recommend, but who highly recommend someone.

We are overly grateful that we listened to those recommendations and met with Steven McDill’s company Innovative Landscaping Inc.

The end result of their company’s installation work was even better than we had anticipated and they continue to maintain the beauty around our home with their weekly landscape maintenance program!

We highly recommend Innovative Landscaping Inc. for any landscape project! From drainage systems, soil preparation, grass, plantings, landscape features, or anything outdoor in between, they had the knowledge, professionalism and timely work schedule to complete our home’s landscaping on time and within our budget!


Justin & Ashley Thelin

Dear Steven,

As we have now reached completion of our water feature, flagstone, trees, and landscape lighting, we thought we would let you know how much we appreciate the hard work and effort you and your crew has put in over the last several months.

In particular, we have really appreciated your flexibility and willingness to add or delete details based on our preferences. The most significant of these is when, after the initial pond excavation, we asked that one side be expanded several feet to the West, and the next day your crew made the adjustment. The adjustment added more excavation time to the job and required relocating the pond liner, but it made a significant improvement in the view of the waterfall from our living room.

We have also appreciated the time you took to meet with us and pick out rock and lighting that we felt was particularly suited to the look we wanted to achieve for our project. The end result of your advice and willingness to listen is a water feature that is unique ours and looks like a naturally occurring part of our landscape.

We would highly recommend that anyone looking for this type of relationship with their contractor work with Innovative Landscaping.

Thanks again for your expertise and hard work,

Bruce & Lynda Werner

Dear Steve,

This is a long overdue letter of appreciation to you and your employees at Innovative Landscaping. It has been a privilege to work with someone who maintains such high standards and one whose word can be trusted. We were very pleased with the landscaping that you did for us last year.

Your people were hardworking, competent and conscientious. We especially appreciated their courtesy in not playing loud music that might have annoyed our neighbors and not leaving any litter behind. These are problems that we have had with other workmen in the past.

We were impressed with your close supervision of the work and your follow up to see that everything was done to our satisfaction. We’re very proud of our yard, and we appreciate your willingness to do our pruning each year so that the trees and shrubs will continue to look their best.

More recently, we were pleased with your willingness to take on the maintenance of our yard this summer while we were on vacation. It was a relief to come home and find everything in such good shape. You have never failed to do what you said you would do, and we thank you for that.


Barbara Lincoln


When we started talking in early summer, we had no idea that we would end up with the MOST BEAUTIFUL PARK for a yard!

Because of the scope of the job, we interviewed several landscapers. You were upfront and honest from our first meeting. One of the most important things to us was that you returned our calls and answered our questions within hours. We appreciated your willingness to meet with us any time during the entire process.

Glendon, the designer you suggested, was very professional and worked with us to develop a wonderful plan. We loved the morning we spent at the nursery with both of you sorting out plants, trees, likes and dislikes. It made so much sense and seemed so efficient in covering “the big picture”!

You gave us a time line starting the first or second week of August and that is exactly when you started. You said you would finish up the end of September or the first week of October and you took the last of the machinery away on October 6th. Considering the size of our yard and the extent of the removal of trees, lava rock and cement, irrigation replacement, water feature addition, hardscape, trees, shrubs, ground cover, lawn and lighting, it is amazing to us that you could call the shots that closely on budget and on time!

As far as your crew is concerned, we are still talking about it. There were anywhere from six to eight guys working in our yard every day, all day. They were professional in appearance (the company shirts looked great), courteous with us and our neighbors at all times and cleaned up every day. They even cleaned up the mess our next door neighbor’s yard guys left in the street!

Manuel, your foreman, is a wonder! He would stop working to explain and walk us through every detail of anything we wanted to know along the way. He gave us his cell phone number and said to call any time. He picked out some of the most beautiful rocks and boulders we’ve ever seen and made sure they were placed just so! The stone work on the pathways and patios is breathtaking and through all the weeks of heat and hard work, these guys sang and whistled and seemed to enjoy their jobs! How refreshing!

We look forward to a relationship with you in the maintenance of our beautiful new yard and would be happy for you to show it to anyone who is interested in seeing your work.

They saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Not only did we get what we paid for, we got more than we could have hoped for in the beauty of our yard and the caliber of the work during the project.

Thank you so much!!


Cheryl Ruppert

Our experience with Innovative Landscaping has been AMAZING. We’ve had drainage problems in our yard for the last 10 years. In our quest to solve the problem we’ve dealt with several different landscape companies and none compare to the service we have gotten from Innovative Landscaping. We will never use any other landscaping company again.

Form the very beginning, when I actually spoke to Mr. McDill and didn’t have to leave a message. He showed up on the day and time we scheduled to meet. He didn’t talk at me, instead he took the time to listen to me explain my issues with the yard and then gave me several different options. After all these years of dealing with the drainage problem I had my own ideas of what I thought needed to be done and everything Mr. McDill said made perfect sense to me. He has a working knowledge of drainage issues, not just the text book use of French drains to solve the issue.

At the time it all sounded too good to be true. But he did get back to us with the bid within a couple of days and it was very reasonable. Work was scheduled for the next week and the crew was incredible. I am so impressed by the Innovative Landscaping crew. They showed up every day at the same time and worked extremely hard all day until the job was completed. They redid all our French drains, removed all the old rock and piping, then installed a new, more efficient system. They also installed new drains under the swampy areas of the lawn, then installed new sod. They even updated our sprinkler system which had gotten very disorganized after all the changes we’d made to the yard after its original installation. Finally we have someone working with us to improve our yard instead of someone wanting to just get a job done so they can get the money.

We have also had them repair a paver walkway that was failing due to the sand under the pavers disappearing. Again, the same incredible service at a reasonable cost. We’ve also signed up for their maintenance service so we will never have to worry about our yard falling into disgrace again.

Innovative Landscaping has integrity, is timely, efficient and reliable, does an excellent job for a reasonable price, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We welcome the opportunity and whole-heartedly recommend Innovative Landscaping to any- and everyone.

At our first meeting I said it would be a miracle if he really was everything he said he was and that is exactly what we got. After years of disappointment with other companies, our experience with Innovative Landscaping was miraculous.


Anne Porcelli

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you do for our facility. It has never looked so nice and we appreciate your attention to detail! We just wanted you to know that you are a blessing and we are grateful!

The TFB Staff (Tigard First Baptist)